Armley project

Can you help us start creating People Powered Homes in Armley?

We’re looking at a piece of land in Armley with potential for new homes. It’s early days – and creating affordable housing is never easy – but we’ll do all we can to make it work.

If this is to happen, we’ll need the people of Armley involved. People who might be interested in living in one of the homes, and people who’d like to see more affordable homes in their neighbourhood.

Might that be you? It’d be great to tell you more about where we’re up to – and to get your thoughts on how we could make this work in Armley. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Project news


Help us build People Powered Homes in Armley

We’re a Community Land Trust – a not-for-profit organisation that uses people power to create homes that people can afford to buy or rent.

The story so far

Jan 2018

Initial interest

Leeds City Council approach Leeds Community Homes to begin conversations about a piece of land they own on Mistress Lane in Armley.
Mar 2018

Feasibility funding

Leeds Community Homes receive funding from Locality to undertake initial feasibility work on the Mistress Lane site.
Apr 2018

Board backing

The Leeds Community Homes board agrees to continue to explore the possibility of building homes at Mistress Lane.
May 2018

Talking to the community

Leeds Community Homes begins conversations with local people and organisations in Armley, to explain plans and encourage people to get involved.