“We at LCH stand with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in their pursuit of justice for George Floyd and others … we also feel it’s time that the hostile environment around people of colour be stopped. We as an organisation believe in and promote diversity and inclusion and will continue to, within our work practices and project development.”

Claude Hendrickson, LCH Associate

[Wording from our Equality and Inclusion Policy:]

Equality is fairness between all people. It means recognising and removing the barriers that prevent every member of a community from getting what they need, and creating fair opportunity for everyone to get what they want, regardless of race, sex, religion, faith, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and any other characteristic or circumstance that could lead to discrimination.

At LCH, this means proactively seeking to address all discrimination, recognising and removing any barriers our members or people involved in community led housing schemes may face to personal and social opportunity. Inclusion is the idea that everyone has the opportunity to access and experience what we offer at LCH. Inclusion means feeling that you are a valued part of the LCH community and you are given the highest level of support so that you can achieve your best.

At LCH this means we will ask every member of our community to respect all others, know their own rights and recognise their own role and responsibilities to ensure this is possible.

Equality and inclusion create more productive, talented, wealthy, creative, evolving communities. We believe that supporting equality and inclusion is a critical part of the LCH experience, in which our members shape their worldview and engage with the principles of citizenship and community.

Peace and Solidarity The LCH Team