Join us for a free event at Nexus University of Leeds Tuesday, January 14th 2020.

Leeds Acts!, in partnership with TLA, Voluntary Action Leeds, Latch, Community Homes and Invest North are putting together a full day FREE conference.

This conference will bring together sector specialists from across the city to lead the discussion on the future of housing in Leeds. Pooling experience and knowledge from the different perspectives of academics, landlords, developers and social housing providers, this day will explore how to draw together the three critical elements of the environment, community and housing, to develop a shared approach to the future of housing in Leeds. Our aspiration is that this inaugural event will be the start of creating the legacy of Good Place-making for Future Housing in Leeds.

The day will consist of a morning of panel talks, from a variety of speakers, including a landlord, John Saffman, Director of Invest North, Mark Denton, Head of Council Housing Growth, Leeds City Council and many others, followed by an audience Q&A session.

There will also be a carousel of workshops on the following themes:

● Place-shaping

● Mass Housing Retrofit Challenge

● Modern Methods of Construction

● Land Access - sites for future social housing

● Habitable Housing

These workshops will be co-delivered by a unique partnership of practical and academic specialists, including architect Irena Bauman, research fellow Donal Brown, and many more.

To register for this event click HERE