This report brings together evidence of the benefits and positive outcomes achieved by community-led housing projects in Leeds and elsewhere in the UK. This aims to demonstrate the value of investment in community-led housing.

Information in this report is based on evidence that already exists rather than new research. The examples quoted draw on a wide range of projects in Leeds and beyond. Whilst there is a wealth of background information available on the anticipated benefits of community-led housing, this report focuses on practical examples of how these benefits have been realised in practice.

This highlights the potential for community-led housing to deliver outcomes beyond ‘bricks and mortar’ – outcomes which achieve positive changes for residents, communities, other organisations and the wider environment. Not all developments will deliver all these outcomes, and some of them could also be delivered by public or private developers. However, in many cases community-led housing is in a better position to implement new and innovative approaches that achieve real change.

This report has been commissioned by Leeds Community Homes (LCH) and compiled by Andy Bagley of Real-Improvement, an independent consultant specialising in impact measurement and evaluation.

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